Unrealircd Stop error

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Unrealircd Stop error

Post by rafaelgrether »

Hello guys,
When I stop UnrealIrcd (./unrealircd stop), it is stopped, but return a strange error message.

See, unreal started and the pid file was created successfully: https://pasteboard.co/sEecKBx23L7U.png

But, when I stop him, I receive error:

UnrealIrcd was really terminated, the pidfile was closed...but why this error?
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Re: Unrealircd Stop error

Post by CrazyCat »

Weird, as the line #76 just tests if the pid is really running and you already have passed tests on the existance of this file.
Can you pastebin your /opt/unrealircd/unrealircd file plz ?
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