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creation user when installing unrealircd password help

Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:18 am
by bootkiller
ok so i had someone help me install it .. iknow i m a dumbass for trusting someone i really dont know. but anyways someone came back in and changed the config to where everytnig was not working and i think it was the person who had access to the login info for unreal when the install when creating the unrealircd.. adduser ircd sudo so let me ask u this .. now he created the user.. how to change that user password for instance .. the user u can login to ssh as unreal. but also root but the unreal has a different password on the ssh so .. how can i change that to avoid this person coming back in and doing that to me? cause i tryed .. already changed root pass but still i can login to the unreal on ssh without loggin into root and i want to know how to change that pass now. thanks