Can't compile on shared server

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Can't compile on shared server

Post by bush8816 »

My shared hosting (hostgator) does not offer/allow a compiler to be installed on the server (CentOS).. Can Unreal be compiled on my mac or pc and then uploaded to the server? I've tried, the install works, but when I try to run Unreal I get errors pertaining to the config file, which is complete and correctly named and in the right folder.
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Re: Can't compile on shared server

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Since nobody has responded, the answer is no.

In fact you cannot move your unrealircd directory around in the same box because it depends on the directory of installation during compilation time.
Also, you (obviously) cannot run a software that was compiled for a different OS (i.e. you cannot run unrealircd that was compiled for Windows on Linux)

PS: I do not know the right term here, just to give you an idea why it doesn't work.