Kiwi IRC Client & UnrealIRCd on the same VPS

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Kiwi IRC Client & UnrealIRCd on the same VPS

Post by Misteralex007 » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:56 pm

Hi !

I recently install UnrealIRCd and Kiwi IRC client on my VPS (not service yet) but I have some trouble to configure WebIRC Block.
Everything is working except that when we log/connect on the UnrealIRCd through Kiwi IRC client. UnrealIRCd see the IP Adress of the VPS and nof the user. So the information about a user there "is connecting from *@localhost"

So only 3 people can connect to the unrealIRCd because of than.

I did something wrong in the config file but I don't know where.

This are the config of UnrealIRCd & Kiwi (I remove my personnal information ^^)
Kiwi IRC:

Thanks for your time,

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Re: Kiwi IRC Client & UnrealIRCd on the same VPS

Post by Syzop » Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:30 pm

That would be a problem on the Kiwi IRC client-side. Not in UnrealIRCd. (I can safely say this because if the webirc password is wrong then UnrealIRCd would reject the connection, and not let you in at all.)

I see you used this in your kiwi_config:

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// WebIRC password enabled for this server
conf.webirc_pass = "2edc8XXXXX";
But from the Kiwi IRC documenation I see the correct syntax is different. It is supposed to be list of servers:passwords:

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// WebIRC passwords enabled for this server
conf.webirc_pass = {
    //"":  "configured_webirc_password",
    //"":        "foobar"
So you should use something like this in your kiwi config:

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conf.webirc_pass = {
    '217.182.XXX.XXX': '2edc8XXXXX'
Perhaps you solved the problem already, but who knows it might help someone else..