new Web IRC Block

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new Web IRC Block

Post by DruidTroy »

please forgive me if this question has been asked in a previous thread, I looked around and could not find a solution to my issue.

First off, I never had to specify a block in an older release so the requirement was new to me.

I have the following blocks in my unrealircd.conf

webirc {
password passset;

I have this repeated for each of the current listed data centers mibbit uses.

in my cgiirc.conf I have the syntax as follows ( this is where I was not clear on syntax as I used the suggested format in the manual )

webirc_password {

i also just used webirc_password = passset <-- that did not work either.

when I try to connect to the server via mibbit it tells me incorrect password.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: new Web IRC Block

Post by dboyz »


1) I assume you are using unrealircd-4.0.0 or higher.
2) The webirc block in unrealircd.conf is correct.
3) I don't think cgiirc.conf exists in unrealircd nor mibbit.

Note that webirc only works if mibbit connects to the specific server with webirc enabled and configured.
Also, do remember to rehash after configuring webirc.