How to setup domain?

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How to setup domain?

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I read this topic on forum before: viewtopic.php?t=6579
but it didn't give me a complete answer.

My unrealircd4.0.17 is running at my home on an PI3. I have now rented a domain so everyone can join my Unrealircd. Now I have one problem:
How do I configure the dns record correctly that my unrealircd can't connect to my dns because I get this error message?:
Error binding stream socket to IP port 6697 - :Cannot assign requested address
Failed to bind to
IRCd could not listen on any ports. If you see 'Address already in use' errors above then most likely the IRCd is already running (or something else is using the specified port). If you are sure the IRCd is not running then verify your listen blocks, maybe you have to bind to a specific IP rater than "*".
UnrealIRCd failed to start Check above for possible errors.

Can someone of you give me an extra link to the different types because I don't know what to search for.
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Re: How to setup domain?

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Your A record should be pointed to the ip in question.

Host Type Destination
irc A
@ A

However the error you are getting, is starting up the server. Your Unreal is already running, or something else is running on port 6697.
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Re: How to setup domain?

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Error binding stream socket to IP port 6697 - :Cannot assign requested address
Your server isn't aware of your public IP address thanks to NAT so you can't bind to it. Simply listen on the local interface (very likely something like 192.168.x.y) or just * and forward the needed port(s) in your router.

Also, here's a link about DNS record types:
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