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multi kick Increase

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:47 pm
by alhoceima
greetz ,

i was curious to know about multi kick Gottem already made a report on the bug forum ;
i believe this is a very big help for chanops to get rid of abbussive bots ( sure some will say use ssl or some other form of auth ) but that will exclude
lot of people who are not familiar with technical advances nor have a registered nick they just want to join and talk and leave , thus why many choose not to allow ssl only )

so in the case some bots get throu the ability to multi kick within 1 line is very effiecient

example : kick #channel nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick,nick you may leave now thank you

the multi mode setting is already in place so that will help as well

i sincerely hope it wil be implemented.

With Regards.