kline and gline commands not found

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kline and gline commands not found

Post by KintaroBC »

I run an unrealircd-4.0.12 server on Gentoo using the stable ebuild, and I have unrealircd running. I am in the operclass netadmin-with-override and have tested the operator privileges to work such as /kill and being able to /op myself in a channel. I have the spamfilter module installed and the tkl module installed and running. However I do not have the commands /kline and /gline.
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Re: kline and gline commands not found

Post by Syzop »

What does it say? Unknown command?
Sometimes the client is interpreting the command so you may want to double check with '/quote gline' or '/quote kline' - you should see end of /STATS report.
If that still gives "command not found" then likely the m_tkl module isn't loaded. It is included in the modules.default.conf so no idea how that could happen :)