protected channels only

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protected channels only

Post by iclou »


I do host my own UnrealIRCd server with Anope and I would like to offer sort of "protected" channels only.

E.g. if a channel gets joined the first time (creating the channel), the following commands should run automatically in the background:

/msg ChanServ register <#channel>
/msg ChanServ set <#channel> guard on
/msg Chanserv set <#channel> mlock +prsi

Any idea how this can be achieved best?
Ideally there is a command like /create <#channel>, then all of the above happens in the background.

Happy to get your feedback -
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Re: protected channels only

Post by Syzop »

I think you are better off asking this on the anope forums / support channel, as this would be something for services (anope in your case).

But questions that came to mind that others raised where things like: what if you just join a channel to see if it exists, to what user should the channel be registered, etc.. it is generally perceived to be a bad idea to do this.