Hide map and links

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Hide map and links

Post by Gusman »

Hello admin, I use the most recent Unreal5.xx
sorry I want to ask about the hide map module for commands /maps and commands /links
to hide the data from the user
because the command can be used by normal users now, you must know about this concern
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Re: UnrealIRCd 5.0.0-alpha3 released

Post by DonTCry »

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Re: Hide map and links

Post by acidvegas »

You do not have to use restrict-commands, there is a module for this built into unreal that (i believe is disabled by default)

Add this to your modules.conf file if it doesnt already exist, or uncomment it if it is commented"

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loadmodule "hideserver";
Then add this to your unrealircd.conf file:

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hideserver {
    disable-map yes;
    disable-links yes;
    map-deny-message "Denied";
    links-deny-message "Denied";
for more info check the documentation on it here: https://www.unrealircd.org/docs/Hideserver_block

also check see this:

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Syntax: set::options::flat-map

If this is present, all servers will appear as directly linked in /map and /links, thus you can no longer see which server is linked to which. This is a little help against (D)DoS attacks because evil people now no longer can easily see the 'weak points'. 
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Re: Hide map and links

Post by Lord255 »

hideserver gives more lines than it should give.
like you can set to hide all your servers, but the one which you are on will always be there. so /links will always work, but will give you the warning/msg that you are not allowed to see this.

use what dontcry suggested. :) restric-commands are easier and works like a charm.