Problem with No O-lines for your host

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Problem with No O-lines for your host

Post by ShuShuBruno »

Hello to everybody.

After many years I've decided to start again to use the Irc Chat and to Install it......
I've set correctly the Server and his Services but when I go to identify myself with /operserv identify password Command......I receive the message No O-lines for your host .

I post my settings , is someone, please can give me an help....... thank You so much in advance!!!!!!!

oper woshibruno {
class opers;
mask *@*;
password "Password";
/* Oper permissions are defined in an 'operclass' block.
* See
* UnrealIRCd ships with a number of default blocks, see
* the article for a full list. We choose 'netadmin' here.
operclass netadmin;
swhois "is a Network Administrator";
vhost netadmin.testserver.srv;
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Re: Problem with No O-lines for your host

Post by Lord255 »

/operserv identify <- what does that mean?

unrealircd offers: /oper <login> <password>
anope offers: /operserv login

the above section you have copied if for the ircd. so when you connect to the network you should do the following:

1, identify your nick against nickserv.
/ns identify <pw>
2, oper up for unreal
/oper woshibruno <pw>
3, login to operserv
/os login <pw>

for anope, here is the help (operserv part) ... #L884-L920