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[DONE] m_forward for Unreal4

Posted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:00 pm
by Gottem
I've ported the "channel forward" module to Unreal 4, since people on my net were eager to have it work. I'll just quote the original author regarding features:
Skizzerz wrote:This module is based on the m_banlink module, but offers a more robust featureset. This module and the banlink module are incompatible with each other, so having both installed at once won't work (and why would you anyway?)

My module offers the following features:
  • +F <channel> channel mode to forward users that are unable to join to another channel (including invite only, keyed, etc. not just banned). Requires channel owner (+q) to set
  • +B channel mode to prevent users from being forwarded to your channel. Requires channel owner (+q) to set
  • +Q user mode to prevent yourself from being forwarded to other channels
  • ~f:#channel:nick!user@host extended bantype to forward specific users to another channel (overrides +F)
  • Users will only be forwarded once. If they cannot join the second channel, nothing will happen (even if the second channel is +F)
  • Users will be given a descriptive message as to why they are unable to join the first channel (e.g. "channel is invite only" or "you are banned")
  • (Optional) You may choose to allow Opers to be able to directly join a channel via OperOverride (e.g. normally an oper must /invite themselves into a +i channel, this would allow them to just join. Either way an OperOverride message is given and logged). To enable this, see the Config section
It sits in our net's own git repo which can be found here. There were a few logic errors with the original module as well, such as checking +b ~f: as the very last (so the override wouldn't actually work).

Re: [DONE] m_forward for Unreal4

Posted: Sat Aug 27, 2016 5:08 pm
by Gottem
I've moved the #define BETTER_OVERRIDE stuff into a configuration variable. Just check the repo. ;]