[DONE] Automatic vhost based on raw nick format/IP

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[DONE] Automatic vhost based on raw nick format/IP

Post by Gottem » Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:41 pm

I don't remember who, but I saw someone mentioning it on IRC. They were looking for a way to automatically apply user vhosts based on hostmask entries in the config. The module looks for both nick!ident@host matches as well as IP.

Add a config block that looks like this:

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autovhost {
	*!*@some.host big.heks;
	192.168.* premium.lan;
So for example, anyone who connects from a LAN will get the vhost "premium.lan". The mod only touches the "cloakedhost" and "virthost" pointers, so session limits shouldn't be an issue. Get it from our git.
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