[DONE] Disallow private messaging for "too new" users

For the old 4.x series

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[DONE] Disallow private messaging for "too new" users

Post by Gottem » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:05 pm

This module disallows freshly connected clients trying to send private messages until exceeding a certain timeout, like bots connecting and immediately spamming actual users in private. Simply load the module and add one directive to your unrealircd.conf, for which see below. Messages from opers, servers and U:Lines are exempt for obvious reasons, also sending to U:Lines (m-muh /ns identify). ;]

Config block:

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set {
	// Rest of the set block goes here obv, like kline-address, network-name, etc
	pmdelay 60;
Above example sets the delay to 60 seconds. The minimum required is 10 as anything below seems useless while having this module loaded. =]

Get it here.
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