[DONE] Addressing U:Lines with /msg NickServ@services.my.net

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[DONE] Addressing U:Lines with /msg NickServ@services.my.net

Post by Gottem » Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:03 pm

You're probably familiar with the idea of having to do /msg NickServ@services.my.net as opposed to just /msg NickServ. This can be helpful to counter bots that try to auto-reg their nicks to join channels with +R set. ;]

Simply load the module and everyone will have to address all U:Lines with the above format. So if your services link's name is "services.secret.net" you'll have to use /msg NickServ@services.secret.net. This goes for both PRIVMSG and NOTICE (also includes CTCP as that's just PRIVMSG wrapped in special characters).

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