[DONE] Revive m_auditorium (chanmode +u)

For the old 4.x series

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[DONE] Revive m_auditorium (chanmode +u)

Post by Gottem » Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:26 pm

I've seen a lot of people saying chanmode +D doesn't quite replace +u to their tastes, so I made a version of auditorium for Unreal 4.x. =] Since a bunch of stuff for this mode was hardcoded in U3's core source, I've made a few adjustments to maximise its usability. I've never used +u myself back then, so I'm not 100% sure if the features match (it was basically guesswork based on the dirty U3 source).

Once the channel mode is set, the following restrictions apply:

Everyone with +o/+a/+q:
  • Can see the full user list and all channel events (joins, quits, etc)
  • Will see messages from anyone, even those without a list access mode
People without +o/+a/+q:
  • Can only see users with any of those 3 modes
  • Will also only see messages from such users
IRCOpers only:
  • If they have the proper override (which afaik is override:see:who:onchannel) they can also see everyone, but not their messages if they don't have the proper list modes
The channel mode can only be set by people with +a or +q (and opers with OperOverride). When the mode is unset or someone gets chanops, they won't immediately see the other users "joining". Instead, people have to do /names #chan (this is how it worked in U3 too). OR if you have +D active as well, that module will take care of the rest. ;]

Grab the module here.
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