[DONE] Temporarily block new, non-SSL user connections

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[DONE] Temporarily block new, non-SSL user connections

Post by Gottem » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:53 pm

Also requested by Celine. =] Allows privileged opers to temporarily block new, non-SSL (actually TLS but w/e) user connections network-wide. There's a new operpriv, which if set, allows an oper of that class to both block and unblock non-SSL connections. Keep in mind that rehashing the IRCd also reset the blocking flag for that server. ;] Opers with snomask SNO_KILLS (/umode +s +k) will see notices about disallowed connections.

Config block:

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operclass netadmin-blocknossl {
	parent netadmin;
	privileges {

Both commands do not take any arguments and are broadcasted to other servers. =]

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