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[DONE] [PAID] Restrict IRC connections to those with proper LDAP authentication

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:45 pm
by Gottem
Restrict access to your IRC network based on the user's LDAP authentication status. This is not a pseudo-ChanServ thing in that it doesn't register nicks nor hand out channel modes, you still need Nick/ChanServ for that. ;]
  • Compatible with Microsoft Active Directory (tested against Server 2012 R2)
  • Compatible with OpenLDAP (tested against openldap-2.4.40)
  • Besides successful LDAP auth, require membership of a certain group too
  • Should be compatible with about any LDAP v2/v3 based servers (afaik Windows 2008 R2 is already on v3 ;])
  • Supports explicit TLS (STARTTLS, upgrades an existing plaintext connection to TLS-secured)
  • Supports implicit TLS (secured from the start)
  • Supports self-signed Certificate Authorities (like Windows's) by specifying what CA cert file/bundle to explicitly trust
  • Doesn't allow SSLv3 ciphers (so only TLS v1.0 and up)
  • Many configurables to suit your needs
Price and other purchasing information can be found here.