For module users and module coders

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For module users and module coders

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Getting 3rd party modules
If you are interested in getting some third party modules some places to look are: (Modules section on UnrealIRCd site) (modules by Syzop) (modules by Angrywolf, no longer maintained) (modules by penna)

Requesting the coding of a new module
You can post your request on these forums, give your post a title of 'Req: small description here'.
You can also ask Syzop for custom coding.

Learning to code UnrealIRCd modules
If you want to learn to write modules, a good place to start is (incomplete) which documents much of the API used to create modules. This site is still a work in progress.
If you are searching for a hook or just wonder what's available, be sure to check out the HOOKTYPE_*'s in include/modules.h. To get the proper syntax search in the Changes file and/or grep in the source...
It's really easy.. you see HOOKTYPE_LOCAL_JOIN, you grep for it in Changes and in src/ and you got all info you need.. The source is your friend :).
-- codemastr