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Help me

Post by DeLiMaViAnK »

example there is a trojan you connected the server it answered version and ping
we cant do anything because it doesnt answer ctcp
it used a little proxy
it doesnt do anything to proxy like bomp neostats vb..
especially palin attacked our server
1000 bots connected server at the same time
after the ban all channells it was in none of channells
but all bots are messaged like global messages to user in our server
and they registered like 5000 nick and then they went
there is a way to keep away our server
i think if we dont do that in some moment later irc server chatting is closed
do we ignore that with one or two modules
note: in the attack of many bots bopm neostats etc. are only sleeping and do nothing
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Post by codemastr »

I'm sorry, I can't understand what you are trying to say.
-- codemastr

Post by Ron2K »

I think he's having a cloning/flooding problem. I've just written a section on that for the UUDP (or whatever it's called) - use K-Lines or akills to deal with them. Also try the spamfilters section.

I can hardly make out what he's saying either, though. Correct me if I've assumed the wrong thing here.
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Post by Caesar »

soylemi$ oldugun olayin unreal ircd ile bir alakasi yoktur. kullandigin yazilimin ayarlari ile alakalidir. ayrica unrealde config ayarlarinda ip nick yasaklama yapabiliyorsun ..... veya port....(turkish)

this problem is neostats problem not unreal. you can't configure it perfectly.
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