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Message Logging

Post by mikeygstl »

Although this could be considered unethical, I am looking for a module to log messages for an chat room that we will be experimenting with in a grade school as a learning tool - we want to enable students from several schools to participate in this experiment, but we also must be able to review conversations for legal reasons, as well as to enable the professors to look through the channel logs and see what subjects the students are having the most trouble in.

Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated.
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Post by Syzop »

Sounds like you can limit the channels to 1 or a few chatrooms?
In that case, I suggest using deny channel & allow channel to limit the amount of rooms, and then put an eggdrop inside these rooms, egg has nice logging capabilities (like it can name logs a different name every day), and perhaps some other things that will be useful for you (triggers/scripts/etc).
Furthermore, since it's a (visual) bot in the room, nobody can accuse you of any unethical stuff :).
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