Request: idle bot module

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Post by X-Trancer »

A Idle of modules would be practical with Config lines in the SOURCE code Idle time Channel can someone a Module Coden?
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Post by w00t »

You don't seem to understand what this would require--

As it is, the IRCd tracks clients that connect to it, a method would have to be thought up that allows the IRCd to track it's internal pseudoclients, and whether they are on what channels! [which would not be easy, if even doable.]

It may sound like a really simple idea, but it isn't. Because even after you've done that, you've got rulesets to consider. Can your IRCd clients be kicked from channels? Can they be privmsg'd or do they return no such nick/channel?

There are a million and one things to consider, why don't you just use eggdrop, or even something as easy as a mIRC script...

Or, alternativly, learn coding and see how you go.
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