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Post by vonitsanet »

I'm wondering if someone ( or syzop:P ) can make PrivDeaf module to block channel invites. ... odule&id=1
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Post by White_Magic »

check out the bugs forum, ive already requested this 8) - the Silence command will be used instead
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Post by Stealth »

I for one won't like privdef to block invites. I have a bot that uses the privdef mode, and it relies on invites from its master to go to channels on the network.
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Post by vonitsanet »

I agree .. in some cases it will not help but for users it will be nice. +D is something like ignore *@* and if should block invites. Is someone can help me with it..
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Post by w00t »


Read up, it's going to be done. Not as a usermode though. Through the SILENCE command.

(I presume as an option/parameter)
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Post by Syzop »

Hi vonitsanet, I've read your comment but I don't think I'll be putting this into PrivDeaf, the module is meant to block messages, not invites. Sure, it's a bit related (but then again blocking of <insert something here> is too), but not enough for me.
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