About Antirandom module !!

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About Antirandom module !!

Post by GouroB » Sun May 22, 2005 6:10 am

This antirandom module worked great for me , stopped huge attack's , but for last few days am having lil prob with it , as u know i am belongs to a irc server which is for based on bengali pplz , so most of our users use bengali nicks as a example :
bhodrochele , shonnashi , tirtho , komolakhai

, but whenever some one try to join from Java applet ( this php applet has a unique gcoz set system , sets random/unique gcoz to every users who connect through Java applet ) giving some examples of random gcoz :
and our bot's has the rest code in it to sajoin users to main channel if gcos matches ... but the problem occurs ... some times Antirandom module doesnt allow java users with a bit long nick as gave here , and some times it allow's . am not getting what to do .... is there any way to add some nick's in module's allow list ... like ... with cmd's ?
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