authentication based on user@

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authentication based on user@

Post by dvzion » Sun Apr 25, 2004 12:24 am


We are setting up an irc network for a non-profit student organization and because we are going to deal with a lot of users from inside and outside we need to differentiate them somehow.

I am an irc newbie so please bear with me.

The userauth mod by AngryWolf is almost perfect but not quite. Every user can connect to the server but if the user information is found in a local authentication file then you need to give a password.

For example, if person A with person.a@host-whatever connects and in (for example) we have an entry like

person.a : pass

then the user cannot login without the right password. If the user information would be person.b then everything would be okay.

The point is to have every person authenticated registered(similar to nick) and the ones that didn't login with password as simple guests.

This policy would come in handy not only when nicks are involved but also when joining a channel.

Supposing that there are 50 channels, the registered users can enter all of them while the unregistered ones can join just 2 or 3 (specified by mode or in the configuration file).

The whole point is to make sure the users are who they pretend to be (john.doe@*) while being free to take whatever nick they like. Outside users are welcomed can log in also but they have a big GUEST along the nickname and are restricted to a limited, specific number of channels.

As I said the userauth from AngryWolf was really on the topic but the main problem was not solved : the user@ from user info is relevant/mandatory and not user:pass.

I would be nice (if possible) to give a regexp to the nicks that the unregistered user can have - for example if the prefered nick from the user is bla, it would be automatically changed into GUEST-bla.

Are there any modules do such a thing? Maybe this can be done along with a bot or/and service but I am not very aware of such stuff so if you have any ideas, don't hasitate in giving a reply.


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Post by Syzop » Sun Apr 25, 2004 1:16 am

I've coded such authentication modules which do exactly as you described, see my custom coding page (SQLAuth/SQLMod)... It contains the user/pass thingy [could be changed to user:pass, or combined ident/pass, whatever you want], choosing between mandatory/optional authentication, after-auth (/nick regnick is disallowed if not authenticated), 'registered only' channelmode, and everything is stored in an SQL db.

Anyway, it's unfortunately not free.

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Post by dvzion » Sun Apr 25, 2004 9:21 am


I know about the SQL module but unfortunatelly we don't have the money (that's why I said we are a non-profit organization ;) ).

If you want more information about it, just give me a mail and I'll give plenty of information. While your module does everything and beyond of what I need, AngryWolf module could be used for starters if it would only get the user from the user@ and not from the current password token.

(which has to be user:password).

P.S. Glad to see Unreal 3.2 is here.

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Post by Xuefer » Wed Oct 06, 2004 1:47 am

user@* + pass is ok
see: readme

join limit can be done by +r on user and restrict channel to "+r user only"
make channel default mode to "it", and make some channel not with this mode

if this mode cannot be done with unreal, use module

are these all your needs?

btw, why most of you(except Sysop and me) don't like to restrict nick, but ident or hidden name(in password)? make it free for user to /nick for funny ?


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