More Win32 modele help wanted

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More Win32 modele help wanted

Post by Stealth » Wed Jul 12, 2006 5:13 am

I have been noticing a lot of the old AngryWolf modules that have not been taken over by another coder now compile with warnings, cause more crashes, and some just don't compile at all.

If there is anyone willing to look at some of the modules and fix the problems, just give this topic a reply. I do not have a list of the modules in question with me here, and the list is not yet complete. As I compile the modules for the latest Unreal, I will be making a list. Tomorrow I will post the ones that I know compile with warnings/errors/etc before school.
  • Once a module is fixed, email it to me, or upload it somewhere and post a link. I want the source only, not a DLL file. I will be running a diff on the files to see what has been added/subtracted/modified to help protect users from any unethical changes to the modules.
  • Be sure to include credits for yourself.
  • Properly comment the code.
  • Add entries to the changes list on the modules, so we know what you did.
Any help is appreciated

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