Additional Modules Installation Corret Method

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Additional Modules Installation Corret Method

Post by Hassankhalid » Sun Dec 24, 2006 7:00 am

well i request 1 thing if you people know anything abt Unreal Share With all of us thanks.

This All Help For Linux Unix Freebsd Dont Know Much About Windows:)

For Install Addtional Modules:

Step 1:
Download the Unreal3.2 source and extract it to a preferred directory.

Step 2:
Download the modules you wish to install. If a module is compressed in a tar.gz file, then first you have to unpack it with the "tar -zxvf file.tar.gz" shell command, or with this one: "gunzip < file.tar.gz | tar xvf -".

After that, copy those files with '.c' extension to Unreal3.2/src/modules.

Step 3:
Change directory (back) to Unreal3.2/.

Step 4:
Type "./Config".

Step 5:
Type "make" (or "gmake" if the previous one is not the GNU version of the 'make' utility).

Step 6:
Each module is compiled one by one. So to compile one, type "make custommodule MODULEFILE=<modulename>" where <modulename> is the filename of a module without extension.

make custommodule MODULEFILE=m_getinfo
make custommodule MODULEFILE=jointhrottle

Step 7:
Optionally, you can run "make install" (only if you configured a non-default installation directory)

Step 8:
Now tell ircd to load the modules (either on startup or when rehashing configuration). You have to add a loadmodule directive in your configuration file (unrealircd.conf) for each modules like this:

loadmodule "src/modules/";

Where "modulename" is the name of the module file (without extension). If the path is wrong (for example, if you have run "make install", then the right path is probably "modules/"), correct it properly.

Hope It Will Help For All New Friends

if anyone have any problem feel free pm me and ask ill try to help.

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Post by Jobe » Sun Dec 24, 2006 11:34 am

It would be better if people didnt PM you to ask for help and asked it openly so other users with the same problem can see the sollution as well.

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