m_nocaps, ready for testing.

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m_nocaps, ready for testing.

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m_nocaps is ready for testing! It's my first ever Unreal module, and it was inspired by a talk in the bugtracker.

Module description:
m_nocaps is a simple module that will block messages to channels that have the mode +d on, if the letters are all in upper case (non-letter characters are not taken into consideration, such as numbers or special characters: ! ? - _ etc). "A!A!A!???B" is considered to be only caps, and it will be blocked, and the user notified that his message contains all uppercase letters and that his message wasn't sent to the channel.
This module is heavily based on m_nocodes (by Syzop) and m_blocknonalpha (by Certus).

Where to download:

How to install:
Download it, and copy it to the Unreal3.2/src/modules directory. Go to the Unreal3.2 directory, and type "make custommodule MODULEFILE=m_nocaps". You should now have an m_nocaps.so file, which you can copy in any location, and add it to the unrealircd.conf file.
For Windows users: Since I'm using Visual Studio 6.0, I can't compile Unreal, and I can't compile the module either. Someone else will have to do it.

Please understand this is my first module, and it is only provided for testing. It didn't crash my ircd, but I can't guarantee it won't crash yours.

EDIT: Version 1.2, adding another feature.
NOCAPS_ACTION changes the behaviour of the module.
0 = convert the message to lowercase (still notifies the user through numeric 404)
1 = block the entire message (and notifies the user through numeric 404)
any other number = do nothing (and you're using the module for nothing :P)

Edit the source code with any text editor and change this (default is 0) before compiling.
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