server raw throttling exempt maybe?

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server raw throttling exempt maybe?

Post by friedcpu »

I was wondering if there is a module about that can exempt certain hosts from the raw throttling, at the moment when a large ammount of text is sent to the server, the first 4 lines are instant, then it throttles to like 1 line every 6 seconds.

I can understand why this exists and deffinatly don't want to turn it off, just to exempt a host

Like I run a bot that will spit out the TV schedule for the current day, on some days this can be quite long, would be nice to have it avoid the throttle and just have it go instantly, then I can impliment my own flood protection within the script so its not abused.

Any help would be great, I have seen it implimented on some networks, with UnrealIRCD and UltimateIRCD, but the network admins wont talk as to how they done it :(
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Post by Jobe »

Are you aware that opers are exempt as far as i can see?

If so you can always gve your bot an oper block as a local oper only maybe.

Just be aware though that giving a bot an oper block can be dangerous if the bot is exploitable in any way.
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Post by Dukat »

What you want is FAKELAG_CONFIGURABLE in config.h... :wink:
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Post by friedcpu »

Hey, thanks for your replies.

I have enabled it and recompiled, setup the allow block and class etc..

I have put this in the class block

options {

the allow block is restricted by ip, when my tvguide bot connects it is seen as coming from that class, but it is still restricted, does this need to be enabled network wide? as my bots will only ever connect to the hub, as they are on the same server, i didnt really want to go recompiling the other 3 servers.

Any help that you can give (i know it might be a long shot as editing the src is not supported in anyway) would be great.
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