Problems with Unrealircd "Ignoring extra..."

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Problems with Unrealircd "Ignoring extra..."

Post by ApartFromTears »

I'm a new user....
I've read in "services log file" this messages:

* Loading IRCd configuration ..
* unrealircd.conf:348: Ignoring extra close brace
* unrealircd.conf:348 Ignoring extra semicolon
[error] unrealircd.conf:539 Comment on this line does not end
[error] Could not load config file unrealircd.conf
[error] IRCd configuration failed to load

What mean? what I can do?
Thanx so much for the answers and for the welcome!
With Best Regards.
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Post by Dukat »

Don't double post!

Please READ the error - it's clearly stated what the problem is, even with line numbers!

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