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setting mode +r

Post by HF » Fri May 25, 2007 3:08 am

hi everyone

the short version... i need a way to set certain people (certain nicknames [and host masks] with a password) mode +r ...hopefully without any fancy add-on modules, if possible.

the long version... i'm looking for a way to restrict private messages (AKA 'queries') for all but a few people in a very particular way. i want general users to be restricted from privately messaging other general users, yet still have the ability to private message a certain select few individuals and receive responses from them.

i have found an approach that works -- that being setting everyone who connects +R to restrict receipt of messages from unregistered nicknames... and then setting the modes for IRC ops +r on op. this accomplishes just exactly what i wanted to accomplish... however, for obvious reasons, i do not want to give IRC ops to each individual who is permitted to message people privately.

and if that isn't enough, i want to do this without having to add service bots. plus, writing modules is not my forte'... but i am capable of making alterations and additions to the .conf files.

can anyone help?


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