$$$ 150 to one who make me

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$$$ 150 to one who make me

Post by albnetwork » Tue Oct 02, 2007 10:27 pm

$$$ 150 to one who make me a module to stop floodin
like /timer etc from the server
i am sick of sum little kids usin proxy all day long
anyaway some of u can say this cant be done

but i think should be any cleaver guy can do this for me then i will pay him
or to find any solutions to slow down flodin with timer

also other 100 dollar $$ if samone make a module for me
all me java users to connect from java but not to allow mirc lamers to go from that tunnel
think is what i am lokin for is a module

when u join irc from java server to give u automaticly a mode to join the channels
java to respond with ircd

but if mirc users try to connect from that server , they can be stopet before they join channel

my network is

i havce two servers for mirc users then 1 server for java
in that server i have javas people i allow bad ips to be connect from java

beacouse those ips are banned with k-line from mirc servers to stop them bots and proxys make trouble

anyaway ifd any one is interesting on this
and he can do samthing aboutit let me know

on my email (removed) or pm here

regard ircd_lover

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Re: $$$ 150 to one who make me

Post by Stealth » Tue Oct 02, 2007 11:37 pm

To stop the proxies, try using a BOPM and a good DNSBL

As for java, it is impossible to stop people from connecting with mIRC or any other client. As an example, the network WiredReality requires people use their java to connect to the network. Using a simple packet sniffer (WireShark), I was able to grab the special code their client sends to the server, and spoof it with mIRC. Anyone with half a brain would be able to figure it out.

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Re: $$$ 150 to one who make me

Post by bsS » Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:40 pm

for proxy's use BOPM its very good :lol:

As for java... its NOT impossible to stop people from connecting with mIRC or any other client. but you need to connect the java client throw SSL :roll: contact me for more info

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