adword module problem

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adword module problem

Post by DeLiMaViAnK »

-> *nickserv* register
- : Your message has been blocked (Advertising)

/msg nickserv http://www.www

my aliases ..

alias NickServ { type services; };
alias NS {
nick "NickServ";
type services;

alias ChanServ { type services; };
alias CS {
nick "ChanServ";
type services;

alias OperServ { type services; };
alias OS {
nick "OperServ";
type services;
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Post by codemastr »

AngryWolf wrote:Please, don't report bugs in my modules here. Go to my bugs reporting site instead. Thanks in advance
This forum is mainly for module *coders*, if you have a problem with a module, your best bet is to do whatever the author tells you to do in order to receive help.
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Post by Stealth »

Maybe you shouldnt use the /msg command and use /NS or /nickserv instead. It looks like u have a spamfilter blocking the message.
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