Looking for custom Cloak Module.

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Looking for custom Cloak Module.

Post by theraven » Tue Dec 04, 2007 2:25 am

Hi guys,

Im not sure if anybody is going to help me with this..
But i Ablsolutly have no idea how to rewrite the cloak file :P

Anyways im going to explain this so you guys can see what im getting at and hopfully someone can give me ideas, lines, or help me rewrite the cloak file..

Ill start here..

Heres an example of a hostname from a user that connects to my server..


When a user connects with +x it'll show up like this


Fair enough thats great.. cant be dns'd
But my problem is, Its showing too much information about the user..

Like the suburb(Brodm2) and the state(Vic)..

What i am looking for is something custom to i can set directives to tell it how to cloak hosts for example


Would be more ideal..

Have something that says `if last oclet = au - grab last 3 oclets(if thats the word for it) to give vh-xxx.isp.com.au`
or `if last oclet = ca - grab last 2 oclets to give vh-xxxx.isp.ca`
and so on,

Is there anybody that can help me with this issue at all please?

Thanks in advance..

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Re: Looking for custom Cloak Module.

Post by Stealth » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:00 am

This has been brought up tons of times in the past, and no one has ever told us why it is so important to hide where people are from.

So we tell them the same thing:
Either disable DNS resolutions (set::options::dont-resolve), or live with it.

However if anyone wants to make a module, feel free.

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Re: Looking for custom Cloak Module.

Post by theraven » Tue Dec 04, 2007 3:06 am

Yeah i realise you can disable dns and such..

and i understand that unreal doesnt want to bother with such a feature..

Just thought maybe a user who is pretty advanced with coding modules might want to help me edit mine so i can set it up on my server..
I have searched the forums.. and havent found such a module as of yet..

This is more of a request for help to DIY or if someone has already done thier own module or want to help write one for others to use as well..

This was in no way a request for Unreal to include it in thier release as standard function
Sorry if it sounded that way..

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