Log IP of all users

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Log IP of all users

Post by ircmru » Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:59 pm

Hello ..
does anyone know if it exists a module which log all ip of people connecting ... with the time if possible

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Re: Log IP of all users

Post by Jobe1986 » Sun Jun 15, 2008 6:09 pm

Normally all IP's of users connecting are logged to ircd.log.

If not you can always set up a separate log file to log only user connects and disconnects using the following:

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log <file-name> {
	maxsize <max-file-size>;
	flags {
http://www.unrealircd.com/files/docs/unreal32docs.html#logblock wrote:The log block allows you to assign different log files for different purposes. The log:: contains the name of the log file. log::maxsize is an optional directive that allows you to specify a size that the log file will be wiped and restarted. You can enter this string using MB for megabytes, KB, for kilobytes, GB, for gigabytes. The log::flags specifies which types of information will be in this log. See the list of available flags below.
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