i have some windows Dll's but ....

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i have some windows Dll's but ....

Post by Erik » Sun Dec 07, 2008 5:29 pm

hi folks,

I have two u nrealircd installations.
  • 1 install using the package installer
  • 1 install self compiled from the C source code
now i successfully compiled several older windows modules like these
  • netadmins
  • courtroom_lite
  • m_elmer
  • m_quarantine
  • m_sendraw
the only problem i have is they modules are only working on my self compiled install of unrealircd.If i copy the *.dll file over it says msvcr90.dll is missing.This is the microsoft C runtime (CRT) library i used to compile and i have it installed but do i have to copy those librarys to each and every directory i use ? i mean usually you should put a dll in %windir%\system32 and it should work but this time it isn't working.So my question is basically how do i get the modules working on *all* unrealircd installations so i can provide them to people who want them

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