GUEST module not working

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GUEST module not working

Post by Jason » Mon Jul 19, 2004 5:04 pm

Locked with this reason:

thats because Unreal doesn't support this type of module

Its part of the unreal source, not a external module

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Post by w00t » Mon Jul 19, 2004 11:14 pm

Say what?
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Post by Syzop » Mon Jul 19, 2004 11:32 pm

He tried to bring up a thread which ended 3 months ago.
Yes you are right the guest module/command is in UnrealIRCd.. but that discussion was ended long ago and the bug was fixed long ago too :P.
So I don't think this exactly relevant anymore.
*lock + delete last post in that 3-month-old-thread to avaoid confusion*