m_adult with some extra features..

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m_adult with some extra features..

Post by JimmyBoom » Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:11 pm


Is there a module almost like m_adult (Adult Only) module, where you only can join +X channels if you have usermode +X.. But with the extra: If you're not +X you're not allowed to join and the channel is not shown in /list (like +s) or something. If you are +X all +X channels will be in the /list

If there is not a module, does someone have the time/motivation to make something like that?

I ask this, because i've a server where there are 18+ channels and kid channels.. So i don't want that children can see those channels..

Thx in advance,


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<katsklaw> If google can't find it, no one has answered you or it's not on the module site .. then it likely doesn't publicly exist and/or no one is interested/has the time to write it for you.

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