Some new Idea's !!!

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Some new Idea's !!!

Post by GouroB »

hello ,

i was thinking bout ban's and felt like there is something missing .... and i had some IDEAS :idea: in ma mind ... i just wanna share them with u all so that i could know ur oppinion too ....

1) K:line = there are 2 flags " bB " for add & del k:line .... but do we actually need 2 flags when it can be done with 1 . just like Zline or gline " Z & t " .

2) G:line : Gline & Shun is in same flag " t " so i wanna add some ircop/co-admin Gline flag i gotta give him also shun access . So Shun & Spamfilter access shouldnt have a new flag ?

3) svs & raw commands can be used with services .... such as " svsnick or svso " it would better if u add some of those basic svs cmds in unreal . with a new flag , so that who will have that will be able to use those svs cmd's even if the services are down ... i know some commands cant work without services but stilll some might work .

if you like any of the idea ... thats good but if you dont then i am sry i said what i just felt ... waiting for response ....
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You would probably get better and more responses if you make a requst on