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New Feature Suggestion

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2004 7:12 am
by jewles
As an official supporter I do understand no new features will be added to the latest version of Unreal3.2.... But as I was working with the configuration file one day, I was forced to restart a server on my network... But I couldn't because I didn't want to kick the people off. So my suggested feature would be some new command so that you can move users from server a to server b....

/chgserv <===

Would be cool... and from my lack of programming skills or understanding, most likely improvable

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2004 3:04 pm
by DeMiNe0
I dont think this is posable to do IRCd side wise. You would need to find a way to force a Client(mirc, trillion, bitchx, and every other client) to /server to a new server.

Posted: Sun Apr 11, 2004 6:17 pm
by codemastr
Well #1, as an "official supporter" you should have read the rules that say this isn't where you go to make a feature suggestion.

#2, as was said, the IRCd has no way to force users to switch servers.

Off Topic

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2004 4:53 am
by jewles
I wasn't exspecting my suggestion to be taken seriously, hense why I posted in the "Off Topic" Section... I just wanted to express my ideas openly without being judge and tried! :) Lov ya!

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2004 6:00 am
by _zero
Syzop has a similar module, check his modules page. It's called JumpServer

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2004 10:04 am
by Snaffels
cool idea...
very nice
Syzop realy got a module that his name is JumpServer.. Cool!!