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Yes, w00t and best regards ...

I understant the dinamyc offTopic, it's the first step for to be on Topic, and after this don't to be in anyplace...

mmm It's like a Experimental RFC, isn't it

But we know what happen fine, the ircservices is a native implation over BSD and very pure GNU/GPL code. It's only the P-10 protocool. The problem is that don't exist good compilations over win32. And now this operating Systems are more important.

I think that some administratos can Have a Windows 2003 Server DataCenter wIRCd3.2 HUB Edition Only over a IBM Netfinity Server in Cluster...

In this case what solution of code of services we give to them ...

The most compatible with the P-10


I see the Smirnorff diamond over Delphy too

What is this, a Bloody Mary, can be Vodka with Tomato Juice