To people who own small personal irc servers/ ppl makin new

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To people who own small personal irc servers/ ppl makin new

Post by onesikgypo »

didnt know where to post this so just put it here

If you are someone who is having real trouble setting up their ircd, or if your someone who wants to help make a larger irc server rather then just a single main one, then heres an opportunity. I already have my own irc server - in addition i also have set up 2 other irc servers. These irc servers that i made were small, but i wanted to make something maybe a bit bigger, the one im using is hardly used at all. If your feelin the same way, and maybe want to talk about linking servers to make a bigger irc server, feel free to contact. Firstly let me tell you the advantages


1. Other people to help you troubleshoot
2. As servers will be all around the world their will be more support for the server
3. If You already have an existing irc server - ull still be able to keep users/chans but also expand futher

1. There may be a bigger workload - depends though
2. More responsibility

So if you feel this is you, or just want to chat about the idea before doing anything, feel free to contact me through msn (no email) or through email (same address)

Not looking for critisism of this idea, just trying to reach out to other people who maybe havent thought about this before - or have similar interests to what i do.

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Post by Jason »

Advantage 1: Troubleshoot what? Unreal? This forum and its IRC channel exist for a reason.

Advantage 2: For the network perhaps, but the server? Doubtful

Advantage 3: Not nessecarily, if some user on the network has the nick Jason, and I link, its already registered, and I do NOT keep my nick. These sorts of collisions do happen, and are not exactly rare.

Disadvantage 1: Correct, somewhat. It doesnt depend. Unless you lose users, or your users go to fewer channels, there WILL be more workload just by being linked. (The link's PING/PONGs, Global notices, Snomask data (Global nick changes and connects are an example)) Thats for your server. For you as an admin? Yeah, if you want to do it right, more to watch. If you dont care about your server, I suppose it is less work.

Disadvantage 2: Correct, And also more risk, when another admin on the network decides to go nuts.
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Post by Suchiara »

Also, if I own a small net and run services, I loose my services database too.