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Post by Bandit » Sat Jul 01, 2006 12:04 am

Hello, I run a small network named Phatlogic IRC. We're pretty new, and we're looking to grow our community. We have two servers, and we are looking forward to growing, with your help. If anyone is interested in linking, please contact me, Bandit, or an oper on phatlogic irc (link at bottom), or you could e-mail me at Phatlogic IRC offers a friendly user environment, nice operators, (unlike some network's power-hungry, gun-ho operators), and all the features of the latest Anope & Unreal releases. We would be more than happy to host your channel at Phatlogic IRC. Our goal is to provide the best features and chatting environment for you. We also provide file hosting, on the phatlogic website, and, even directory/sub-domain hosting, maybe free depending on the demand. Plain and simple, we like to have a good time on irc, and we would like to grow our relatively small community. We offer scripting support, so if you're new to [mIRC] scripting, we could help you. We also offer bot-channels, for those who like to put their bots for testing in. Even if you just stop by every once in awhile, or even if you idle, it is greatly appreciated, because EVERY SINGLE USER counts to us. We have a lot of good things that could be listed, but don't take my word for it, come see for yourself, at phatlogic irc. Thank you for reading.

--Bandit, Founder of Phatlogic

network address: -- irc://

IRC Daemon: Unreal 3.2.5

Services: Anope 1.7.14


Main Network Channel: #phatlogic

Thanks again!