Proxy baby!!!

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Proxy baby!!!

Post by puppynut5 » Sun Jul 23, 2006 9:29 pm

Currently on my website I am working for a proxy server for those people (like myself) who work behind a firewall that blocks access to multiple websites. As of right now with my proxy I can access any websites that do not require ssl, https the sort. Such as Gmail, Hotmail and others like that. However, once it was completed I was thinking about doing as other webpages have done and selling a subscription to some of the services. I don't really want to offer it out for free because then wayyyy to many people start using it and it eventually gets blacklisted. Anyone think this would work or waste of time in your opinion?

P.S. The proxy is not on my home page it's in a password protected section of my site that can't be found as of yet.....So if you go there you aren't going to see anything