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I am kind of a newbie, please don't laugh to hard. I REALLY want to run a ircd sadly on windows, i know thats kind of a mistake too but i don't have much choice. I hope its ok to post this here, I really want to set unreal up properly so i wanted to ask would anyone maybe give me a hand with the config? I can't even seem to connect to it. I don't understand the config that well yet. Iam behind a router. Is there anyway to find a newbie gui for unreal? Once i get a understanding of what i am doing i should be able to make some progress. thanks for reading...
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Post by w00t »

Delta, an admirable thing about this post is that you seem to have been reading...
i know thats kind of a mistake
Sure got that right :P Mind you, it is really a matter of opinion.

Anyhow, my point is, READ. READ. READ. Read the protocol, read the documentation, read anything IRC you can get your hands on. The bigger networks often have help guides and things you can look at.

If you need any specific help, ask. (So long as it isnt in the FAQ :P)
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Forget about the GUIs. Time to learn, learn, learn, and as w00t suggested, read, read, read! ;)

If you have any specific problems, feel free to ask, but don't expect anyone to do the work for you.