I'm new. could use someone's help

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I'm new. could use someone's help

Post by ig0d »

I'm new to this whole "Host your own IRC server" thing.
Ive been using the Gamesurge network for years now, being involved with many gaming clans.

I'd like to host my own but dont know where to start.

First off, after downloading and installing UnrealIRCd - what do I do?
Do I need to set up a webhost or what?
and how can I get a domain name to direct to it?

For instance, I want to set up: irc.caren0t.net - I know I have to register a new domain, but im confused on my next steps...

any help would be appreciated. I dont want to look like a TOTAL n00b :P
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Re: I'm new. could use someone's help

Post by Casper »

- Find an IRCd/x package YOU like and fits YOUR needs
* In Unreal's case, 'installation' on *UNIX:
- ./Config
- make
- make install
- Create your unrealircd.conf (example file can be found in the doc/ directory as example.conf. Edit it to your own needs.)
- Create the MODs (commonly set in unrealircd.conf but forgotten to be created. Names must match unrealircd.conf)
- ./unreal start

That's enough if you're on a shell. Dedicated stuff / private box at home requires a little more networking skills than was needed before.

- Open up the ports set in the listenblock (unrealircd.conf)
- Don't forget the firewall as well

- Find a services package YOU like and fits YOUR needs
- There's a README included in almost all packages, I'm not going to be as helpful as above. It requires some skills to set up an IRCd.

- Find yourself a webhost
- Although a website isn't a necessary thing when setting up a chatnetwork, it sure is recommended. Most of your potential chatters will find you
through the internet. A nice website always helps them making curious and might pull them over the line to take a look ;)
- Also consider a webchat (PJIRC, Mibbit, CGI:IRC) for those without a real chat client, but still want to chat.
- I think own email is a handy thing to have, so check if you can use the servers' email server.
- Don't get suprised by a sudden high bill as you exceeded your data limit. Look into that very good: How much datatraffic is allowed by the hoster on
monthly base and what does an extra gb cost me? What happens in case of a DDoS, do they have filters for that and will they try to track
down the DDoS'er and make him pay or I will be the one giving up my loan? (In other words, what is the policy on that?)
- *** It would be nice if your webhoster also allows an IRC deamon because then you don't have to pay twice as much and you've got the same
contact person for all of your business which is easier! ***

- Get a domain name
- Ask yourself if you want to pay for it? If not, go get a no-ip.org/.com domain. It's free.
- If you do, and I can recommend that, probably the best thing to do is go and get one from your webhoster. In most cases there's some sort of
discount if you order one along with the rest of your things.
- Simply add a A-record and point it to the IP of the server. How to is something that the provider has to tell you pending on their software.
- It'd also a record for the emailserver (usually MX-record). Your hoster can tell you more about that.

And for the record, you're TOTAL n00b, not a failure. Try looking into that and you won't become it either and the n00b thingy will go :D
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