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Oper flags

Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 7:55 pm
by Pepper-Tech
I'm not sure where to post this but I'm wanting to know the differences between some of the oper flags.

+a services admin
+A server admin
+C co-admin

Posted: Fri Jul 30, 2004 9:31 pm
by codemastr
+a can use the services-admin commands (any command that begins with /sa*), +A and +C can not. +C has pretty much the same power as +A. The reason +C exists is, some networks have rules that each server can have 1 admin and 1 coadmin. The mode makes it clear which user is which.

Posted: Sat Jul 31, 2004 1:21 am
by m0wl
Shouldn't +C be renamed to 'Server Co-Admin' then?
Co-Admin could mean 'Co-NetAdmin' or 'Co-ServicesAdmin' in it's actual state. :shock:

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 3:01 am
by w00t
You tend to find that even netadmin means nothing without services admin...

Services are where most of the power lies.

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 4:49 am
by aquanight
Actually, netadmins do have more power than services admins:
  1. They can kick, kill, deop, devoice, dewhatever any +S (service) user. (I believe this also applies to usermode +q.)
  2. Some 3rd-party modules give them extra things. (For example: AngryWolf's netadmins module protects them from being killed by non-netadmins/everyone.)
  3. I don't know what else...

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2004 11:01 pm
by w00t
Perhaps so, but I <3 my services admin! :)

SA* forever!