Growing network with resources needing staff.

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Growing network with resources needing staff.

Post by adrian » Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:57 pm

I am Dr. Adrian Rhodes - I am a lisc. Neuropsychologist in the state of Tn. I am a former Efnet Admin and I have been on IRC since 94ish. Me and a few of my close friends have been putting together a small IRC network, but we are understaffed. We need dedicated volunteers to oper, be team members/leaders, promote, and help us spread the word about the reliable services we can offer.

The network is ran by a Five member Network Board of Directors with me as Chairman of the board. Please, please, please if you are interested take the few mins to fill out our oper/staff application and submit it to - We are willing to teach dedicated individuals and reward hard work.

This app can also be found here: ... &Itemid=57

Staff Operator Application

Guidelines for applying: Your nickname must be registered. You must be willing and able to
dedicate at least 10 hours a week of active time to the network. If accepted you will be
required to know the Network Practices Policy @ ... &Itemid=55
as well as the Acceptable Use Policy @ ... &Itemid=54

Once you have submitted this Application you should locate the members of the Network Board
of Directors and introduce yourself. Staff Member Application:
Section I – Applicant Personal Information;

1: Full Name:

2: Email address:

3: Physical Location- City, State/Prov. Country. (Please include your time zone.):

4: In relation to YOUR time zone, please provide the hours you are normally active or willing
to be active on IRC. Does not have to be exact but please try to be realistic.:

5: Age, Education, Occupation:

6: Internet Connection Type and ISP. (Also, please list here any shells, bncs, or other
connections you might use to connect to the network.):

7: IRC Networks most frequented:

Section II – Experience; (This section serves two purposes. 1: Qualification.
2: What dept. you would best be suited for you.… DO NOT LIE. DO NOT EXAGERATE. We are
willing to teach, assist, and support new staff. Lying will get you Automatically and
Permanently Rejected.)

II-1; Number of years on IRC. Please include ALL networks you have been apart of or used:

II-2: Have you ever been an IRC Operator on any network before: (Pleaselist all, and level
of involvement as well as services access status:

II-2a: If you answered yes to the above question, please provide 2 references from other
staff members of a network you have been involved with. You don’t have to list 2 for every
network, just one network. Please include their nicknames/networks and email address.

II-2b: Where you a member of any teams on any networks you were staff on? (Please list all
and what teams you enjoyed the most or felt you contributed the most too):

II-2c: Please list the max number of users of the largest network you were staff on:

II-3: Have you ever Admin’ed a server before. (This means PHYSICAL shell access to the config
file. This DOES NOT MEAN had the +A flag or been a co-admin):

II-3a: If you answered yes to the above question, would you be interested in admining a
server on housemartin if you were given the opportunity?

II-4: Do you have experience compiling IRCd. (If so what IRCd versions have you compiled, and
what is your favorite to use?):

II-5: Do you have experience compiling services?(If so what versions have you compiled, and
what is your favorite):

II-6: Please list any and all IRC clients you have experience with:

II-7: Are you willing to invite your close friends or new acquaintances to the network.
(This DOES NOT mean spam or mass advertise, rather suggest the network to people you think
might be a positive addition as a user to the network):

II-8: Please list any experience you have with the the following- Eggdrop, bnc’s,
html/php/flash/java, unix shell, unix console, unix administration, any computer languages,
graphic design, network administration/routing):

II-9: Is there anything else you feel is relevant that you want to add to this section:

III Network Specific is a young, small, network looking to grow. We appreciate ANYONES interest in wanting to contribute to our passion of being a good place to be. We feel you can NEVER have to many eyes watching the network. Your honesty rather than trying to seem to be more than you are will go a LONG way with us. In this section we are interested in what you want to do on housemartin, and where you feel you could best help the network and contributein a productive way. Housemartin consists of the following teams. Help, Abuse, Routing,Security, Web and Technical, and our newest team, Marketing and Promotion. These teams are governed by the Network Board of Directors. The Board consists of a Chief Administrator of Executive Operations (CAE) - Network Board Chairman // The second in command - Chief Technical and Operations Officer (CTO) - // And three other members. (1 Seat is vacant at this time and 1 seat is on a leave of absence for personal reasons.) Membership of being on a team is determined by the Board of Directors.

No vote is needed, any board member can appoint or otherwise change team personnel.. We are GREATLY Understaffed. Please tell us any area of the network you think you would best be suited for and why. Any Board of Directors member can approve your application pending a 30 day probationary period where limited access to certain areas of the network would be ENFORCED. During the probationary period any TWO members of the board of directors may blackball you , or otherwise request your application be resubmitted in 90 days if there is cause. This is due to vacancy of the ABUSE team causing the Board of Directors to have to oversee the process of removal. The Network CAE or CTO may also blackball or request resubmission WITHOUT cause.

The current Network Board of Directors consist of:
adrian - Chief Administrator of Executive Operations (CAE) - Network Board Chairman.
crazii - Chief Technical and Operations Officer (CTO) - Web/IRCd Team Leader.
[Krashed] - Executive Director of Network Security (CSOP) - Security Team Leader.
Scooby (Returning from Leave of Absence) - Executive Director of User Relations (EDU)
HostServ/BotServ Leader - Abuse Team Member.

Seat 5: Temp appoint ment of travis. Vote in 30 days.

Please email the completed application too: app@housemartin.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
This will distribute your application to all Network Board of Directors and any other appropriate departments. We will respond to you within 72 hours. You may also feel free to check the status of this application by connecting to the network ( and joining #operhelp.
Good Luck! Once again, THANK YOU for your interest in contributing to the housemartin network! Board of Directors,
Adrian, Brenda, Richard, Travis & Nika

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Re: Growing network with resources needing staff.

Post by Stealth » Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:18 am

I'd apply, but I didn't need to read too far before figuring I'd be rejected :P

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Re: Growing network with resources needing staff.

Post by adrian » Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:56 pm

stealth, not if you are dedicated.. we are willing to teach persons who want to help. why do you think you'd be rejected? email us the app. and come visit us, /server