Website contest: modules site

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Website contest: modules site

Post by Syzop »

UPDATE: We found someone, so you can no longer apply.

We are looking for someone to make an UnrealIRCd modules website.
This is similar to the main website contest, however this (sub)site requires more coding, and design is of less importance.
If you are a web developer (PHP coder) and would like to contribute to the UnrealIRCd project by making this new site, then please continue reading.

Old situation
We currently already have modules section on the main site, however it's out of date, it hardly works because the interface was never finished, and we no longer want it integrated in the main site.

New situation
The modules site will be a stand-alone sub-site, and will be hosted at
Users will be able to submit 3rd party modules to it, which will be placed in a queue. After review by a selected group of trusted people, the module will either be approved or rejected. When approved, the module will be listed in one or more subcategories.
Modules can be downloaded, and commented on. Modules can also be updated, which causes the submission to go in a queue again just like a new module.

Design requirements
  • A simple & clear design - Just like the main site requirements: no mess, no flood of colors. In particular for this sub-site: less is more, keep it simple.
  • Easy navigation
  • No animated content or plugins - No flash.
Other than that you are completely free in your website design.

Technical requirements
  • Has to be coded in PHP, with MySQL as a backend
  • The site should pass (X)HTML/CSS validation tests and work properly on all major browsers (Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, ..)
  • Template approach is optional, also the degree of templatization is up to you. If you feel this would make things better, then do it. If you feel it will only cause spaghetti code and hundreds of separate files scattered all over the place, then don't. As said, it's up to you. We do want readable code, though.
  • Features:
    • User registration, with email validation and 'lost password' option.
    • Submitting a new module - uploading of file, name, description, select one or more (existing) categories
    • Approval queue - a queue where admins can walk through to 'approve' or 'reject'. Approve will cause the module to be listed (admin can choose/alter which categories), Reject will reject it with a user-supplied reason. In both cases the user who submitted the module will receive an email.
    • Updating a module - Can be done by the author or by an admin. Causes the module to go in the approval queue. Fields: file upload, version number, changelog entry.
    • Review & comments - Users can post comments to modules, and also rate the modules (if they want to) on a scale of 1 to 10.
    • Windows compiled versions - Uploading (and downloading) of .DLL's. This has to be decoupled from the author as not all authors can or will provide windows versions of the module. Also an option for this to be an external link, rather than a file download.
    • List by category page
    • Search page - by category, name, author
    • Support for 'pay'-modules. These don't have any downloadable files, but rather an external link.
    • Download counters for module files
  • Should include anti-bot/captcha countermeasures at registration and user-comment page.
  • The site should be coded securely. This is very important, as people will be downloading module source code and binaries from it, and a large group of users will potentially (compile and) run them without checking them for trojans.
Legal requirements
The website should be released to us in a license form that allows us to fully edit/alter and distribute it. Graphics should be freely available without restrictions.
It will be hosted on our own machines. Since this is a more complex site than the main site, it will probably require some updates/fixes even after initial release and testing, it would be nice if you would be available for that.

What's in it for you?
First of all, the appreciation from us and the rest of the userbase for your contribution to the UnrealIRCd project. A good 3rd party modules list is really something we are missing at the moment :).
Second, you can add your name (and/or company) in the footer on all the pages of the modules site.

How to participate
We're looking for someone who's both capable of coding this site and also has some spare time to do so, as it will require quite some work. Naturally the design also has to be good, but is of less importance.
Because - in contrast to the main site - this contest mainly focuses on (PHP) coding, we ask you to send an e-mail to with the following information:
  • Your name / nick name
  • Some information about yourself
  • Your experience with PHP/SQL/HTML/CSS
  • References of previous work from you. This is important for us, so we can see you are familiar with more-than-simple websites
  • Some information about your availability for this and what you think is a realistic time frame for coding this site
  • Finally, anything else you would like to share.
Note that you may also apply as a group of people, in which case we ask you to provide the information about everyone in one single e-mail.

You will receive an email back within 48 hours (just) to confirm that your submission has been received. If, still after 72 hours, you did not receive any e-mail, then something is wrong.

Selection and timing
There's no set deadline as to when we will select someone. This is A) because you don't have to make anything so setting a deadline is just silly, and B) because it highly depends on the number and quality of the applicants.

We have found someone, so you can no longer apply.

If you've any questions, you can ask in this thread, or by e-mail at
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Re: Website contest: modules site

Post by cards »

Your Email is not working:

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A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:
    SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<>:
    host []: 550 Unrouteable address
So I will post here:

Hello Syzop,

I am interested in doing the project for the module website as well. I have extensive knowledge of PHP/MYSQL connectors. I have build several websites using a database backend. Probably the most intensive is This site is completely PHP/MySQL, as all of the information is stored in the database. The backed, (Which I cannot show), is maintained via an administration section. It utilizes a moded phpBB backend for user authentication, although this can be changed. IF you are interested, please let me know.

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Re: Website contest: modules site

Post by Syzop »

I see, seems I broke that 5 days ago with the server upgrade. Fixed now :)

I'll get back to you later this weekend. Thanks for your response.