Keep XChat Win32 free?

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Keep XChat Win32 free?

Keep it free
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Keep XChat Win32 free?

Post by Stealth »

Even though the XChat coder is trying to make XChat Win32 free, it is still not.
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Post by aquanight »

I could care less either way unless the XChat coder feels like improving the interface to appeal more to Windows' standards ;P .
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Post by w00t »

I couldnt really give a toss, except for the moral standards of it. I really don't feel like letting whoever wants to walk over the GPL when they want to. I believe what he's trying to do is wrong, and that he should be stopped.

(I used to use xchat occasionally for testing purposes, I have now pointedly deleted it and will refuse to use it in the future)
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Post by Valkyrie »

After reading everyone's comments I do think that the GPL is being walked all over..

There are other people who offer "unofficial" versions of XChat and I'm tempted to donate to them now that I have a job.. I wish I could check out the FSF's website and see if they say anything about it but it seems that their website is down.. (or else my evil ISP is blocking it..)
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